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Project Description

This tour includes short hikes in rough terrain

Your private guide will take you up north from the City to the Borgarfjörður area. We will see geothermal activity and beautiful lava falls before heading inside Iceland. First we visit the lavatube Víðgelmir, Iceland’s largest known lavatube and then head up the glacier Langjökull to experience something unique at the same time as you will learn a lot about the glacier and the area around it when visiting the tunnels inside the glacier.

Entrance fee ISK 6.500 for the lava cave and 19.500 per pax. for the Into the glacier Icetunnels Langjökull glacier not included. 

Duration: 8-10 hours

We can offer private tours for any group size – please contact us for more information and offers.


  • SUV – Up to 6 passengers in a comfortable SUV


  • Specially modified Mercedes Super Truck – Up to 10 passengers