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Snorri Sturluson is an award-winning director and photographer. His commercial work has been seen by millions on some of the world’s grandest stages, including the Academy Awards and the Super Bowl, and has been recognized with the prestigious Clio award.

Snorri picked up his first camera in his teens, and began developing his photographic eye and skill while taking pictures of Iceland’s dramatic landscape. After spending the better part of two decades living in New York City he’s now returned to Iceland where he travels the width and breadth of the island, always with his cameras in tow, to capture the raw and stunning beauty of his homeland.

Now he’s sharing his years of experience and knowledge of Iceland, cameras, lights and post processing on photo tours offered by Icelandic Adventure. Snorri has a familiarity and connection to the land, giving him a unique eye for composition in a landscape that some may find overwhelming and even a bit intimidating. Having a professional on hand to look over your shoulder as you’re honing your skills behind the camera is a valuable asset and opportunity that is not to be missed.

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