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Status update in times of the Covid19 pandemic

Dear friends and friends to be! As our optimism has started growing again, due to the recent news about success in producing a working vaccine for the Covid19 virus, we are getting ready to launch some of our tours again. At the beginning we will focus [...]

Iceland 8 day round trip

Just for fun, here are a few nice random shots from our last 8 day round trip of Iceland 🙂 This tour is a fairly relaxed tour with ample opportunities for extra stops, depending on weather and light of course. A really nice way to [...]

The North – for tranquility and peace

Many have heard and witnessed the increase in tourism in Iceland in recent years and there are certainly areas on the Southcoast which some times feel crowded during certain times of day in the high season, but still the majority of Iceland is quite untouched by [...]

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